Overview of Classes


Dragon Program (4-8 yrs old)

The Dragon program focuses on basic punching and kicking techniques. At this age, we emphasize focus and concentration.


Junior Program (8-17 yrs old)

The junior program focuses physically on self–defense and constant improvement. Mentally, we promote Giving Value (doing something for someone without expecting anything in return) and building self confidence.

Adult Program (18 yrs old and up)

The adult program focuses on the same aspects as the other programs, with an emphasis on pushing your mind and body to levels you did not think were possible.

*The weekend adult program is designed for adults who are only able to train on the weekends.

Family Class

The family program is a class designed for families who want to train together regardless of belt level. We believe that a family that trains together, stays together. (*Junior belts and above only.)

West Coast Hayward

29282 Union City Blvd

Union City, CA 94587

Ph. (510) 477-9070

School Owner/Master Instructor

KJN Mark Mendiola

**School Hours**


4:30-8:30 pm



4:30-9:00 pm



4:30-8:45 pm



4:30-6:30 pm



4:30-7:15 pm



9:30 - 11:00 am