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KJN Mark Mendiola

School Owner/Master Instructor

KJN Mark has been a member of the West Coast Association for more than 20 years. In 2012 he was awarded his 5th degree Black Belt from Masters Reyes and Master Thompson. KJN Mark has been teaching martial arts to all ages for over 15 years. He has taught at several West Coast schools including Milpitas, Mission and served as the Head Instructor at Newark. He has a passion for teaching all ages, whether they are 4 years old or 75 years young. He is known for his technical attention to detail and his ability to make even the hardest work-outs fun.

BKJN Melissa

Program Director/Sr. Instructor/Conditioning Instructor

BKJN Melissa has been a member of the Ernie Reyes West Coast organization for over 12 years. She started with the association as a cardio-kick boxing student and eventually became an instructor. That excitement for a high energy workout evolved into a passion for martial arts. In May 2014 she was awarded her 4th degree Black Belt from Master Reyes and Master Thompson. As a certified personal trainer, she enjoys teaching cardio kick-boxing, conditioning class and supporting students in their efforts to achieve their personal and physical goals. BKJN Melissa is also the Program Director.

BKJN Marcus 

Head Instructor

BKJN Marcus is the Head Instructor and has been a member of the West Coast Association since the age of 4. He was awarded his Black Belt at the age of 9 and was awarded his fourth degree in May 2016.

BKJN Monica




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West Coast Hayward

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School Owner/Master Instructor

KJN Mark Mendiola

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