Parents Testimonials

"What I really like about WCH is the family oriented atmosphere.  The students and their families are really embraced like family.  In fact, in almost every class, BKJN mentions the importance of respecting and appreciating family. I am also impressed with the encouragement that BKJN gives to the students, emphasizing that learning and executing the techniques correctly is far more important than advancing to the next belt level.  I especially appreciate BKJN telling the students to “have fun” rather than pressuring the students to “place” at the tournament.  My goal for enrolling my child into WCH was to learn basic life saving techniques should she ever need them.  In less than a year, she has not only learned moves that she can use to defend herself, but also gained confidence in herself.  I know that is due to the mixture of encouragement and the right amount of sternness that BKJN gives to the students." - Evangela R

My kids have been taking martial arts at WCH for over a year now and I am very pleased with their dedication and overall performance. Not only are the instructors remarkably experienced, they are also excellent role models for the students.  In this day and age, it is really difficult to find good honest people that you trust!  With that said, it is such a pleasure to be a part of the WCH family...where the "good times" never end! - Meldy P

West Coast Hayward is not just a martial arts school, it's a true family environment. The martial arts is not just about learning self defense. It's a great hobby, and an excellent way to stay in good physical shape. The instructors, BKJN Mark, BSBN Melissa, BSBN Andrew, CGN Marcello, CGN Marcus and others are very knowledgeable, passionate, patient and friendly. Remember, it's never too late or too early to learn! All ages are welcome! -Susie J.

Student Testimonials

"I feel safe and secure at West Coast Hayward because everyone there is family. It is the one place where I can work on myself, make mistakes, learn from them and not feel embarrassed or out of place."

- Dana P

My health has improved since I started taking martial arts. I enjoy every lesson and skill I learn at West Coast Hayward.  I can only hope to repay BKJN Mark, BSBN Melissa and the WCH staff for accepting me and my family into their school and devoting their time and energy to teach us great skills.  My wife and I searched all over for the right martial arts school.  We searched and searched and for some reason, we didn't find the right fit for our family. We're glad we held out and finally found the right school. - Mike J

I began taking martial arts when I was in 3rd grade at a different school and it was always fun. I was there for about 4 years and never felt what I feel at West Coast Hayward.  At WCH I have family.  I have people who genuinely care about me. I don't know why I am so blessed. Everyday I enter the school with one mindset and leave with a more positive outlook.  Everyday I grow as a person.  The life lessons I have learned at WCH is more than self discipline and self defense.  I have learned to look deep within myself, know that I am a good person and know that I am better than I ever thought I could be. - Zahira H

West Coast Hayward

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Union City, CA 94587

Ph. (510) 477-9070

School Owner/Master Instructor

KJN Mark Mendiola

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